Deport the Rochdale three.

14th June 2023 22

Demonstration London August 1st Parliament Square ‘Deport the Rochdale Three.’ In 2012 members of the Rochdale grooming gang were sentenced to be stripped of their British citizenship and deported after they finished their jail terms for raping and pimping young white girls.  That was eight years ago. Three of them who have dual UK Pakistani nationality and lost their appeals … [Read on]

Sheffield Cathedral tries to achieve zero congregation status.

31st July 2023 5

Sheffield Cathedral is to get rid of its choir because, as Deputy Dean Canon Peter Farrow complains, it does not engage with “Sheffield’s mixed urban community.” But the cathedral’s worshippers will not be left comfortless, for new singing groups will be brought in to make “significant change for engagement, inclusion and diversity.” Well, Canon Farrow and his fellow musical-spiritual iconoclasts … [Read on]

神灯vp n官网

25th July 2023 29

Compulsory pop to be played on all hospital wards ? Many people are understandably afraid to go into hospital during the pandemic, but I can tell you that there’s a much more terrible disease around than Covid-19. And it’s enough to make you vow to stay out of hospital at all costs. I mean that audible filth called pop music  … [Read on]

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神灯vp n官网

25th July 2023 13

According to an ITV news report last Friday, one fifth of BAME workers in the UK feel they have been treated unfairly at work due to their skin colour during the coronavirus crisis, a survey has suggested. As is typical in today’s hyperbolic media coverage, the report based on a Congress Trade Union survey suggested that BAME workers felt as though they … [Read on]


神灯vp n官网

21st July 2023 21

With compulsory masking looming up, we decided on a final shopping trip on 20 July, choosing Kingston upon Thames as a nice place. We managed to enjoy the family day out for some of the time, with shopping, browsing, river and sunshine. Perhaps one fifth of the people were masked, outside as well as inside, despite the bright sunshine and … [Read on]

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UK’s measures against Covid 19 : Boris was right?

20th July 2023 15

The common sense interpretation of the above data is that compared with the US, South America and South Africa, broadly speaking UK policy on the containment of the virus has been correct. Boris Johnson has not ‘lost his grip’ and government policies are a vindication for British pragmatism. An alternative explanation is that the figures show a common form of … [Read on]

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La France éternelle

14th July 2023 20

In 1933, when the Nazis took power in Germany, Churchill pronounced, ‘Thank God for the French Army!’ Subsequent events proved his confidence to be misplaced. But judging from the Bastille Day celebration in Paris this morning, the French military are in good shape. Especially impressive is the amount of French designed, French built hardware on display, from tanks and armoured … [Read on]


A Climate Catechism

14th July 2023 41

Research by Catherine Blaiklock Q. Is it true the more C02 in the atmosphere the higher the temperature? A. No. The present C02 level is 407 parts per million, and the average temperature 14 Celsius.  650 million years ago the C02 level was 4000 parts per million and the earth was a giant snowball with a temperature of -58 Celsius … [Read on]

神灯vp n官网

9th July 2023 4

‘Everyone’s getting on their bikes,’ said a voice from the radio. I walked to my first cycling lesson up the middle of Oxford High Street once clogged with cars now deserted as a cityscape by Giorgio de Chirico. A bus driver slouched against the college wall, everything still apart from cyclists joyfully zipping up and down towards the Magdalen Bridge … [Read on]

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